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The room was extraordinary. The staff was very polite and sincere in delivering their Duty. If given a second chance I will opt for Olive Suites.
(Mr. Gourav Mishra 6-Mar-09 - 20-Mar -09)

The room was fantastic & beyond what I expected. The service is good too. Best wishes to the team and good luck.
(Mr.Sachin Abhyankar 19-Mar-09 - 20-Mar-09)

Very welcoming staff. Awesome service & great rooms
(Ms. Maninder Kaur 6-Mar-09 20-Mar-09)

It was wonderful. The staff was amazing. Thank you so much. See you soon.
(Mr. Sean Howard USA 10-Mar-09 20-Mar-09)

Very warm service. Comfortable stay. Thank you, will like to come again. Awesome staff.
(Ms.Amanpreet 6-Mar-09 20-Mar-09)

Great Rooms and amenities.Exellent service and a very very pleasant staff.
(Mr. Sachit Thareja 15-Mar-09 25-Mar-09)

Donít want to leave the place, excellent room service. Courteous staff. Thanks for my stay special.
(Ms. Richa 7-May-09 9-May-09)

Excellent place and great experience overall. Thank you very much for the Hospitality.
(Ms. Mamta Bansal 9-May-09 10-May-09)

Very excellent rooms, fabulous facilities & excellent service. Thank you.
(Ms. Seema Miller USA 4-July-09 5-July-09)

Excellent service and accommodation. Everyone is very friendly & professional
(Mr. Brent Forsgren USA 27-July-09 11-Aug-09)

Excellent hotel with great rooms & breakfast. Thank you all.
(Mr. Steve Wilding UK 8-Sept-09 10-Sept-09)

Fabulous place to stay. Nice food and service. Would like forward to stay again.
(Mr. Love Dubay 8-Nov-09 12-Nov-09)

A great place to stay. Enjoyed our stay a lot. Hope to be back soon.
(Mr. Hanns Melbourne 9-Nov-09 10-Nov-09)

Facilities, ambience excellent. Hospitality really good. I would like to come and stay again.
(Ms. Deepti Khanna 9-Nov-09 15-Nov-09)

It was wonderful. Everyone was absolutely the best and we really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for a great time.
(Mr.Arkadyuti Basu 8-Nov-09 15-Nov-09)

Good place, nice ambience, very good and prompt service. Very nice and friendly staff. Best part was roof top restaurant.
(Mr.Chetan Aggarwal 29-Nov-09 9-Dec-09)

Service have been very good, both at front desk, breakfast and dinner servings. The facilities are fully satisfactory as are the cleanliness of the room. I have enjoyed my stay here fully and I just loved the food.
(Mr. Hannes Stefansson 8-Dec-09 19-Dec 09)

Beautiful rooms. Staff is very friendly. Good arrangements and good hospitality. Over all good place to stay.
(Mr.Sameer Rinwa & Mr.Sajal Kumar 9-Dec-09 11-Dec-09)

We had an excellent stay here. A home away from home. The staff took good care of us. Wishing all the best to them.
(Mr. Derbrat Dutt 5-Jan-10 8-Jan-10)

It was an excellent stay here. The crew was very courteous. I will recommend to those entire Volvo wish to stay.
(Mr. Kumaran Ganesan 3-Jan-10 10-Jan-10)

I had an excellent stay. Thank you. I will recommend to my work.
(Ms. Sarah Logan London 18-Jan 10 21-Jam10)

It has been a wonderful and one of the best stays I have been ever had. Excellent place and wonderful service.
(Ms.Twastree Chakravarty 4-Feb-10 5-Feb-10)

Great stay, love the staff, they were excellent. Very clean room. Very nice clean hotel, its best described as a small boutique type hotel, great location if your travelling on business to the Embassy Golf Links technology park, its within walking distance. Rooms are very clean and comfortable, breakfast is bacon and eggs. Next door is a very nice spa for massage.
(Mr.Zubin Dowlaty USA 17-Jan-10 5-Feb-10)

Great room, very clean and convenient. Excellent breakfast in the in dining. Excellent staff.
(Mr.Anand Srinivasan USA 7-Feb-10 17-Feb-10)

The Olive staff makes my Bangalore enjoyable. Ií will definitely come back again. I have stayed the olive suites for 10 months.During my stay, the staffs of the olive suites were very kind and friendly. And the owner of this hotel has sometimes taken us to dinner. This was first visit to India but my life in India has been very comfortable because of all olive staff. Thanks for your kindness!! And when I come back to Bangalore, I will stay in the Olive suites again!
(Mr. Yuichi Yamanaka Japan 27-July-09 18-Feb-10)

The Olive staff so kind. The room is so comfortable. Thank you for your kindness.
(Mr. Akira Furusawa Japan 27-July-09 18-Feb-10)

Very nice place. Very lovely. And the staff is very helpful. Excellent service.
(Mr.Akshy Anand 25-Feb-10 27-Feb-10)

Good place. Great service. Calm and peaceful
(Mr.Manesh Patel 28-Feb-10 2-Mar-10)

Very nice and clean place. The hotel staff very courteous Always ready with a smile.
(Mr.Amit Kishore 11-Mar-10 12-Mar-10)

Lovely room and friendly staff. Enjoy my stay and will recommend fellow travelers from company.
(Mr. Philip Colbert UK 14-Mar-10 18-Mar-10)

Very clean and neat place. Very helpful staff. Really Enjoyed my stay. Will take every opportunity to come back.
(Mr. Abhishek Gaur Singapore 31-Mar-10 1-Apr-10)

Cozy and homely. Very warm service with smile. Will come back again.
(Mr. Swaroop Mahapatra 19-Apr-10 22-Apr-10)

Great customer service. A 5 star hotel may not have The human touch.
(Mr. Ng Siew Chung Singapore18-Apr-10 22-Apr-10)

I would recommend this place to anyone. Friendly staff, Great service. An overall treat.
(Mr. Jeffrey& Ms. Cherie Malone USA 8-Apr-10 25-Apr 10)

A real good experience to stay. Perfect in all respects may it be hospitality or cleanliness. A perfect place to recommend others to stay in Bangalore.
(Ms. Stuti Aggarwal 14-Apr-10 28-Apr-10)

It is a great experience to stay here. I would recommend to everyone.
(Mr. Ravvi Sudirnoputra Singapore 25-Apr-10 29-Apr-10)

Really good place to stay. The employees are very friendly and helpful. Very good food.
(Mr. C K Elayaraja 25-Apr-10 30-Apr-10)

Great stay. Very clean and the staff is excellent always
(Mr. Zubin Dowlaty USA 26-Apr-10 6-May-10)

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